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Jeep servis crna gora

 Jeep servis crna gora

Machine maintenance, attendance and customizing works.

15% in the work

Address: Черногория, Котор, Кавач

Phone: +38269401378

Website: hpp://

Discount on the card: 15% in the work

Jeep servis crna gora

Scheduled maintenance
Vehicle health check
Auto electrics
Mechanical works – Oil change – Suspension repair – Brake repair – Exhaust system repair – climate control maintenance - Fuel injection system repair
Tyre assembling
Engine repair
All types of off-road vehicles tuning

Making and setting of fluted aluminium hard крышек for pick-up cars.

Upgrading works (bumpers, sills, rearguard armor, tow bars).
Electric winch setup (invisible and detachably-mounted version).

Making and setting up of removable frame engine undershields, gearboxes, раздатки, bottom sides.

Making and setting up of inner safety frames, setting of any additional optics for any aims.

Changing of transmission spread.

Setting of forced draft blower.

Forcing and suspension lifting.