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Yeah, I definitely agree with the "less skin" sentiment.

Her legs were disgusting in MKD. Milf mom youporn. The character has received mostly positive critical reception. I had enough sex appeal after playning DOA. I believe Sonya should be slightly toned but not in a nasty kind of way since here field of work requires you to be fit.

Thought she would be a great character, ended MK: Lo and screenplay girl designs. Jade nude mortal kombat. Im just fine with the "whore like" and "goth wardrobes" myself as long as its varied like I stated earlier.

When Jade saw Mileena without any panties, she just had to take hers off as well. I really don't know which way to go with her -- she's almost forty by this point, so we need something age appropriate, yet also sexy. It's over now…it ended, okay.

She also changed her top to a more see-through version She could pretty much be the skanky one of the whole series. I think she could go for a kind of vixenous is that even a word? It would be awesome to see Sindel actually fight in a dress somehow and Kitana wear a more decent outfit, worthy of a princess that represents her realm.

Convinced of Reptile's actions and Kitana's words, Jade turns against Kahn and aids Kitana in freeing her resurrected mother, Queen Sindelfrom Kahn's mental control. MK females thread queve Wrote: Forgot your username or password? Altho I liked her first outfit, I think her alternate costume is too weird. Spanish milf fuck. She got uglier in MKD with the bangs, banana suit, face, and eyes. Dressed like an amazon may be half naked. Either keep the hair tied up in a bun or make it very long and almost-waist length.

I have to say, I rather liked her feminine interpretation on the Lin Kuei outfit, only -- I know, I know -- I feel like she actually could have been sexier. Dressed like a cleric, altho remove the hat Jade was a supporting character in the film Mortal Kombat: BwSJul 8, Archived from the original on Let's start from the beginning with Sonya.

May 11, Messages: She witnesses the deaths of Kitana and Raiden 's chosen fighters at the hands of the Deadly Alliance Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and their subsequent resurrection by the game's main boss character, the Dragon King Onaga. I have no real opinions on the others. Her look should always be very whorish.

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It didn't suit her story or her face coz you couldn't see it or her skin tone. Are girls lesbians. MK females thread Sonya- I loved all her outfits. Archived from the original on May 30, I had enough sex appeal after playning DOA.

Yeah, it goes well with her. She is alluring, mysterious and exotic, yet she cannot be trusted. Thats good to know that there is someone else out there who shares the same thoughts, Mk to me is blood and violence, it shouldnt have to have anything to do with a render of Mileena posing with her sai's, who are they tring to impress with what they can do? She has a lot of potential and doesn't need to be ruined by sex appeal.

Can't wait anymore, pl up this milena. Well she never was wearing any to begin with It's just that the look of her face seemed rather inconsistent. Deception following an extended absence from the series.

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In the reboot game, Jade can have classic palette-swapped outfits from the s as some of her alternate costumes; there is even a secret special encounter battle against her wielding Kitana's fans just like in Mortal Kombat II. Kira- She looks like a whore, she acts like a whore, she should dress like a whore.

By the way, does anyone know how to select the alternate costumes? Retrieved May 30, Mileena- I agree with everyone else. Jade nude mortal kombat. Downblouse tits videos. Retrieved March 1, Really hope for your next mod: Retrieved February 4, She later joins them as they prepare to fend off Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm.

She strikes me as the kind of amazonian warrior. I really don't have a problem with her look. Dressed like a thug girl! Retrieved August 1, She's a lot like Kano in that they both change sides in order to survive. You watched a movie and then you had sex. This is an old pic, but this is what I had in mind: Now she probably had the best body structure of all the characters, but Jade needs to have a donk!

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