My name is Roman Aldushin.
My team and me start the project
«Discount card Chocolate».

my team card Chocolate

Get discounts on your favorite goods all over Europe.
Discount card Chocolate —
is a new unique  loyalty system with regular discounts up to 50 % on any goods – from business lunches and entertainments to household and office goods.

Discount card Europe


Discount card Chocolate —  is a wide range convenient consumer service which will develop and include the best offers in one card. The project starts in Montenegro and will evolve in other European countries.

order a card Chocolate

Chocolate advances.
Onewhole discountcard inMontenegro.

Onewhole discountcard inMontenegro

All discounts at one website.
All discounts at one website
Access to all useful info of all presented firms.
Accesstoall usefulinfoofall presented firms
We select the best ones to participate in the program.
We select the best ones to participate in the program
An opportunity to rate firms.
See a member sticker at the entrance.
See a member sticker at the entrance
Current discounts
Can I join my card to my bank account? 
Yes you can. A little further you'll be able to get not only discounts but also cash backs directly on you viza/master card. And this is up to tens and hundreds of euros monthly. 
For example you have bought something for 100 euro and your discount is 10%.
you save 10 euros and if you pay by cholocate card you get 2% Cashback.
Total: + 12 euro

Registration and advantages for companies


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